Let Mystery Drivers improve your drive-through and transportation service offerings!

Tamer Partners Corporation now offers a mystery shopper program tailored to the toll, transportation, banking, and other drive through industries!

The mystery driver services of tpc's Mystery Driver program allow you to view your company's service through your customers' eyes in real-time, and learn ways to improve it.

Why choose us? While most mystery programs rely on "hired" customers that may not be fully committed to your industry or customer base, our mystery driver services allow your customers to be part of the process. This creates an environment where loyal customers have a personal investment in the success and value of the program. PLUS ...You can view incoming feedback in real time!

How it Works

Actual Customers:

Your customers will register to become a mystery driver. Each month, a number of customers will be chosen at random. Selected drivers must fulfill certain obligations that can be done during their normal commute/experience.

We provide an online training in which mystery drivers will learn what to look for and report on. They will be asked to complete a report via web or through the tpc call center. Each driver will earn an incentive for their participation.

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I loved the program! Thanks for letting me participate. It made me feel like I could make a difference in everyone's experience on the Tollway!

- Mystery Driver Participant (actual Tollway customer)